November 21, 2019

Taking as reference the image shot of Strangers things season  (tunnel of the upside down) I start by creating cylinder in 3ds max 2020 then with modifiers and little sculpting the tunnel was almost ready for texturing and displacement. Using Quixel material for cliff I was able to get the result am looking to.

After finishing the forward tunnel I created the backward tunnels but lower mesh then placed my camera and because am using V-ray renderer I added to my scene V-ray lights blue with different light intensity then I placed VrayEnviromentFog to my scene.

Later I went to Character creators from reallusion and created...

June 16, 2019

Twinmotion is a new engine that use the real time render built on unreal engine whice give you very powerfull quality in easy way that help the designer shows up thier ideas with out losing much time on rendering just like many other competetors like Lumion but what make me decide to give it a try is that starting from this month till Nov 2019 twinmotion is free to use on Epic launcher.
So making a small scene for out door event in 3Ds Max then exporting it as FBX format to twinmotion with little tweaking here and there and this is the final result.
hope you like it :)

June 8, 2019

Exploring how can the colors change a scene to different look I took my previous room design and just applied a new color for every single mesh in my scene to return back with fully different look with the same meshes.
of course I had to change the lighting too.

May 25, 2019

Inspired by the colors of white and azure blue, I was inspired by the design of this room, which I hope to be admired by you.

Sorry about not achieving any new designs for the previous year because i was so busy creating my own upcoming game but in the coming weeks i will be sharing with you a new design every week.

December 31, 2017

The latest work for this year 2017 as later on I will be busy working on my first game :).

beauty of life was created in 3D Max and v-ray with final touches in photoshop

July 4, 2017

Maybe the design looks so simple but the idea in this one was to try many new methods in modeling and rendering for example the tiles on both sides of the stairs was created by the (floor tiles generator) script then using the (multimap) material for various rocks material. after that I went to render the scene using Vray renderer and save all the needed channels as EXR to imported back to NUKE for post production.

For me I was really enjoying my time working in this project as playing with the Nuke parameters and change reflections, colors, and more in real time is a big saving time that I can use to it in the next...

June 10, 2017

This week am spending my time understanding the Multipasses workflow from V-ray in 3ds max to Nuke and how can I improve my skills in composting and maybe later on I will go further to learn VFX too.

March 14, 2017

Finally am so close to finish up my unreal project simulating the Four Season hotel Riyadh 

March 7, 2017

 Trying to make something new in my designs i thought that i in all my previous designs i never did one for my real countries main theme that we really love specially if it interact with the theme of the sun set and water that reflect the warm lights.

May 24, 2016

 Working on a plan to move all the future events designs from normal images to real time video or even game that the client will be able to walk through and change colors and models until he find what he is looking for. 

Exporting 3D scene from 3ds max to unreal was really tough for me as I  learned a lot of things with it but was really surprising for me in the end that I was able to render Full HD animated scene with length of a minute in 30 minute rendering time.

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