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The Upside down tunnel

Taking as reference the image shot of Strangers things season (tunnel of the upside down) I start by creating cylinder in 3ds max 2020 then with modifiers and little sculpting the tunnel was almost ready for texturing and displacement. Using Quixel material for cliff I was able to get the result am looking to.

After finishing the forward tunnel I created the backward tunnels but lower mesh then placed my camera and because am using V-ray renderer I added to my scene V-ray lights blue with different light intensity then I placed VrayEnviromentFog to my scene.

Later I went to Character creators from reallusion and created my character then export it to iClone for posing.

With little tweak here and there I was able to get the render result am looking to, So I rendered my scene and took the final image to Adobe Photoshop for post processing and final touch.

And here is the final image J hope you like it.

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