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Quality vs time for designers

Quality vs time for designers

Let's agree all that the most challenging thing for all designers is time

And time reflect the quality of your design

More time more shining design and of course less time will lead to bad results.

To create something creative and eye catching the designer need time to brain storming and make many ideas and sketches for his idea before he decide for the direction that he will take then comes the next challenge between drawing, choosing the correct colors for his design but if the design is in 3d then the designer just finished 50% of the job as he needs to light up the scene and adjust best shots for his work so he start the longest part which is rendering (rendering is the process that computer start to study the scene with all lights shadows and reflections to simulate the final image and this process is very slow and take a lot of time depending on the scene size and the quality of the image)

After that comes the last step The composition part where he takes all the images and start polishing it by fixing issues or adding more details so the image starts to look attractive and eye catching

But in many companies now days the client or the managers doesn't understand this lengthy process as for them the designer is a guy who just make small stuff and small touches here and here. Instead of supporting them or helps them they ask them to present designs in truly short time which lead the designer to work as fast as he can making many mistakes and skipping many steps just to finish before the deadline and all this by working overtime and overnight.

The results

The final design missing many important stuffs and not attractive, so the client think that this designer is not good like his profile shows or he is losing his touches.

Superior design needs enough time and if you sir can't give your designer enough time at least stand with them and accept the result and try to find solutions for this issue and ask them to provide you with ideas and plans to solve this issue.

Now I will talk about my self

I'm 3d designer since 2005 and if you look to my 3d work that I did for myself for fun or as a challenge you will see significant difference between it and my work for my company as when I do something for me, I take the advantage of time planning, designing, lighting and of course rendering that sometimes takes more than 16 hours for single image. In the other hand for client's project most of the time I have just one day to do everything including the render part which cost me Quality

Yes, that's right Quality

When someone asks me to see my work for my company, I feel shame because they will think that am two years' experience of 3d but what makes this worse is when your boss think the same of you because he is comparing you with other designers who take enough of time making his piece of art.

Seriously this situation is leading me to start losing my passion for my work.

Alaa Al Shahed


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