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© 2017 by Alaa Alshahed (Polaris). Saudi Arabia, Riyadh


"Hi I'am Alaa Al Shahed working as  Senior 3D Designer at Masaahaat Events Organisation and because I love everything related to art and to 3D printing I was trying to learn as much as I can from all resources and now it's the time to share all my knowledge
and what  I have learned in the past years with you
my friends"


- Alaa Al Shahed -


So how everything start with me to lead me to this field was on 2005 when I started to learn arts just to challenge one of my friends who said in that time that he is a professional and in that time I was attending the University of accountants.

So  I started surfing the web for lessons and in one month only  I was able to design and win the challenge but in that time exactly I can say I was  amazed of the big world of art is. My life dream job to be Graphics designer became the main aim for me but as I live in Middle East country who in that per of time had nothing to do with Graphics design learning even for universities and college I found my self learning from the internet and books until 2007 when I was travelling to Syria and there I found  an American College called Lane giving studies and exams in even in Illustrator and 3D art then I went there and got A+ and a certificate of attendance .

Everything went so smooth with me as in 2008 I strated my first job At medical company called Nomas as graphics designer until the summer 2011 when I joined Masaahaat to become the Senior Graphics Designer to learn much more about events and exhibitions then in 2013  I was able to attend Autodesk exam to be  3Ds Max Professional .. I was one of five lucky designers who was certified as professional in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in that time


Now in 2017 am so gratfull that I have very good knowledge in many CG applications just as : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Zbrush, UnrealEngine and 3ds max. 

Today  am still improving my self by attending many courses and learning many new stuff just like VR and video games.