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MCG and Autodesk

Not long time when I start learning the MCG that Autodesk added to 3Ds max since 2015 and after a week now am really surprised and disappointed from Autodesk.

In the beginning you will find that the most tutorial are for MCG 2015-2016 then when you move to MCG 2017 you will find that they changed a lot of stuff and re named many nodes which is much better than before but without updating the tutorials and add to that also that in all the internet mostly you will find 20 tutorial for MCG . no more. I spend hours searching for a solutions for small stuff and all what i get usually is: ( why don't you use this ready build MCG and save your time!!!!!)

there is an old quote:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

and this is what happening here a lot of free MCG avilabe for download but without a clue how to create it with your self.

from my point of view after studying the MCG for a week its very powerful tool and yes it will move 3Ds max further to the future specially with the procedural stuff but what I belive now is Autodesk is killing it quietly just like what they done 10 years back with the particles flow.

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